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Valium is classified as a benzodiazepine and has many different uses, although it is most closely linked with psychiatric medicine. A prescription medication, Valium is most commonly prescribed to treat anxiety, insomnia, and even the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. The medication can also be given to patients before a medical procedure to help ease their anxiety associated with the procedure. Valium can even be used to treat epilepsy, but only as a short term treatment option.


This potent prescription medication is generally prescribed to treat symptoms such as agitation, panic attacks, and anxiety. It can also be prescribed to treat vertigo, and is combined with other medications to treat tetanus. Doctors commonly prescribe Valium for stiff person disease as well as oxygen toxicity. Valium is also used in some states to sedate prisoners before they are executed for their crimes after being sentenced to death.

Valium is also used in veterinary medicine. It is most often used by veterinarians as a short term sedative for both dogs and cats. It can also be used as a short term treatment of seizures in dogs and cats. In animals that are not eating enough due to lack of appetite, valium is often prescribed to stimulate the appetite of the animal who is not eating enough due to injury or illness.

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