Clonazepam Withdrawal


When taking the medicine, every patient will hope to be able to recover soon. But some medicines will not be the easy medicine to be taken. For example, clonazepam is not the kind of medicine that will make the patients feel better as soon as the patient took the medicine. The people who take this sedative drug for the first time will suffer from the unpleasant side effects such as the drowsy feeling or the mentally sluggish. It makes the patients who take clonazepam need to be monitored especially for those who have the experience of depression before taking clonazepam.

Clonazepam known to be used by the patients of epilepsy, mania, post-traumatic, panic disorder, mania, social phobia, nervousness and anxiety. It is mainly used in the patients with mental disorders. But every one of the patient will need to be able get through the first time taking clonazepam that will make them feel uncomfortable mentally. Some patients who have ever experience the depression will have to get through another episode of depression. It is important to have someone else to watch over the patient in order to prevent any the patients to do anything harmful or doing the activities those can be very dangerous.

Some people might stop taking clonazepam because of the first period in taking the drug but there are also some people who are able to endure the first phase and get better after that. Stopping the consumption of clonazepam will cause the clonazepam withdrawal syndrome. Therefore it is important to be careful when deciding to stop the consumption of clonazepam. In order to stop the syndrome, it is recommended to reduce the dosage little by little. Stopping the consumption right away will cause another uncomfortable day to be experienced and no one wishes to experience that episode.

In order to stop the consumption of clonazepam, there will be these five steps those will be helpful and safe when being done step by step:

1. A proper consultation with the doctor or the physician is highly recommended. Talk to the doctor about the plan to stop taking the drug. Don’t ever try to do it all alone because the process clonazepam withdrawal can be dangerous. The third person to watch over the process of withdrawal will always be crucial.

2. Set the fix date for the plan to be started and it is recommended to do the withdrawal when the patient is currently in a vacation. With being in a vacation, there will be nothing to be worried about including worrying about the work. Alternatively, the patient may try to limit the daily activities as much as he can. It might be easier for the patient to be alone or with the people who fully understand about the situation because explaining the situation over and over again can be an annoying thing.

3. A further understanding about the side effects those might be occurred while in the middle of the withdrawal process will be a big help. Every patient must be able to find the strong motivation that will lead them throughout the process of withdrawal. It is important because there are clonazepam withdrawal symptoms those will make the days feel uncomfortable.

4. The doctor and the patient will work together in order to figure out just how long does it take to completely take off the medication using clonazepam. The safest way to stop the use of clonazepam is by gradually reduce its dosage. Usually, the dosage will be changed every once in two weeks and it will be depend on the highness of dosage usually taken by the patients.

5. Remember to always treat the body right. The process of withdrawal might be uncomfortable and a lot of people will hate it. There will be the changes of metabolic as well as changes of chemical inside of the body that must be through if the patient really wants to quit taking clonazepam. Taking the additional vitamin as well as drink enough or even more water will become a helpful step in order to keep the body steady.

Those are the five steps must be known by every single patient who considers quitting taking clonazepam. It is better not to ignore these five steps for the better and safer withdrawal.

In number 3, it said that it is important to understand about the withdrawal symptoms. Some people might b wondering about whatever the symptoms mentioned in number 3 and how will they occur. The symptoms are usually started to occur around 24 hours or 72 hours and it will reach its maximum intensity within five to seven days. Gradually change the dosage of clonazepam taken is the only way to reduce the intensity of the symptoms occurs. It might take quite a long time to completely stop taking clonazepam and every patient must endure the symptoms.

The clenozepam withdrawal symptoms are including the abdominal pain, aching, agoraphobia, burry vision, hair loss, headaches, heart palpitations and increase of anxiety, life threatening symptoms, sleep loss and also weight loss. The symptoms of life threatening will include the suicidal ideation, epileptic seizures and also the psychosis. These are the symptoms those may occur while someone is trying to stop the use of clenozepam. There is no avoiding it and the only way to reduce these symptoms is by gradually reduce the dosage and avoid in trying to stop the usage immediately.