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Diazepam, once called Valium, has found a home in todays medical industry just as it did in the past. Doctors continue to explore new ways to administer this drug everyday. Mental health professionals are using it to treat conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety based ailments and some forms of insomnia. In the field of neurology doctors are using this drug on its own or as a part of a drug cocktail to serve as a short term way to control seizures caused by epilepsy. Conditions involving muscle spasms as in cases of MS, stroke, tetanus and RLS, have all benefited from the various forms of this drug. There has also been promising results with easing some of the symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdraws.

The old saying of there being two sides to every coin rings true with every drug on the market today, and this drug is no exception, as it carries its own list of adverse effects. While many of the side effects can be attributed to excessive dosages on the part of the doctor or overuse on the part of the patient, every new symptom should be taken into account during the treatment process. With it being s sedative, Diazepam (Valium) has become a target by people looking for a recreational drug.

Patients with a history of drug abuse need to be carefully monitored for the signs of overuse. Care should always be taken to match a patient to the correct dosage to reduce the risk of side effects and abuse. Diazepam (Valium) has been on the market for fifty years now and continues to aid in the treatment of thousands of patients. Doctors continue their efforts in finding conditions that will benefit from this drug in their treatment arsenal and the future of this and many other similar medications look prosperous.