Ativan (Lorazepam) FAQ


Natalie – 26 years:

Can Ativan be taken during the pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes. Ativan may be used during the pregnancy, but the daily dose should be reduced. While feeding your baby with breast milk Ativan is taken only in special cases and only under the care of a doctor.

Jennyfer – 37 years:

I thought taking Ativan during the first few days, he worked harder on me than on the next days. I felt tired and I wanted to sleep all the day. Please answer – what caused this? Perhaps, it just stopped acting?

There is nothing unusual, much less worry in your case. This is one of the features of the Ativan medicine, which does not occur very often. Feeling tired and sluggishness in movements, it is one of the side effects of the drug, which tends to pass away in 2-3 days. These side effects have been observed for most people. So don’t worry, Ativan should not cause the symptoms that you observed in the early days. The main point is to follow the recommended dosage.

Cameron – 30 years: For how long can I take Ativan? And what are the aftereffects that may appear after a long-term use?

In medical practice there are cases when the Ativan (lorazepam) was taken during 4 -5 years as a preventive impact means. Consequences for the organism may have a high concentration of active ingredient lorazepam in humans blood. Therefore, the recommended course of the treatment should not exceed 14 days and before the re-course must be taken a break for 5-7 days.

Charley – 40 years: Is it possible that after the prolonged use of Ativan as a terapy for treating the mental disorders an addiction syndrome may appear?

Ativan may cause a habit only if the patient is abusing the medicine, and does not keep the recommended dosage.

Doris – 58 years: Can be a contradiction after using of Ativan simultaneously with medications which lower the blood pressure?

No. The usage of generic Ativan can be combined with various medications, including those that lower the blood pressure. If you have an allergic reaction taking Ativan, you will need to reduce the daily dose most likely.

Lisa – 45 years: Why there are no such kind of medicine as a solution for the injections in your drugstore?

Unfortunately, being sent by post, a glass container with a solution for the injection can be broken and we can not guarantee you the safety of medicines. We are forced to work only with drugs that are available in tablets and capsules, which are less susceptible to deformation during transportation.

We have tried to answer the common questions, and you may not find the answer to your question among them. Therefore, you can visit our forum, or send your question by e-mail and we will reply to all of your questions by all means.

In addition to questions about the medicine, we receive feedbacks and questions about our online drugstore. We will try to be democratic and represent you the different points of view on the professionalism of our pharmacy.

David – 45 years: Why the drastic drugs that are sold only by prescription in usual drugstores, in your pharmacy are sold without any?

The answer is quite simple. The government is not simply able to control a huge turnover of drastic medicine at a pharmacy chains.

The dishonest sellers will make a profit in the sale of such medicines to children and to the drug addict people. That’s why a prescription is needed for buying the drastic medicine in an ordinary drugstore.

The selling of medicine in our online drugstore provides the payment for medication only through a bank or credit card. Children and people who are prone to abuse the narcotic substances, have no bank accounts or credit cards, as a rule. Therefore, the access to the drastic drugs is restricted to such people.

Helena – 42 years: I ordered an express delivery of generic Ativan, and I was promised to deliver it within seven days. But in fact, it came to me only by the end of the eighth day. Why don’t you specify the actual time of delivery?

We apologize in advance to all of the people who did not receive the ordered products in time. We send the ordered product, at the same date when the money are transfered to our account. The reason is that the delivery times depend on the professional work of the postal service. Under the agreement, we conclude with the postal services, a delay of delivery the postal parcels for a maximum of three days is accepted. This happens due to different force majeure (a non-flying weather, a vehicle accidents, etc). But as a rule, all drugs come to the buyer in time, since we only cooperate with the postal services, which were checked with the time.

Brian – 55 years: I buy Ativan in online pharmacy not for the first time, but the low price in your drugstore attracted me to this drug. I had some doubts about its originality at first, but still, the attractive price made me stop my choice on your online pharmacy. It turned out that I shouln’t have worried, and Ativan that I bought from you had no difference (except the price of course) on Ativan which I bought earlier in another pharmacy. I think I can find for me even more other medicine except Ativan in your pharmacy.

Yes, I almost forgot, thank you very much for your prompt delivery.

We are glad to read your feedbacks and will try to accommodate everyone’s opinion. We work for you, after all, and your comments will help us to improve the skills and professionalism of our work. We’d like to draw your attention on one more thing. If you buy a big pack of tablets immediately for the entire course of the treatment, then the treatment course will cost you less in the end.

To order the delivery of the generic Ativan without a recipe, you can 24/7, practically from every geographical point of the globe. Be careful making the delivery order, and specify the correct address of the recipient.